129 Taka Amazon Prime Monthly Subscription: How to Get RBI’s New Guidance, Validity

Amazon Prime monthly subscription plan of Rs 129: How to avail, validity, unlimited streaming

Amazon has brought back its popular monthly Prime subscription in India. It was shut down earlier this year after the RBI’s new guidelines called for the implementation of the Additional Factor of Authentication (AFA) for the processing of repetitive online transactions. Amazon has so far only been offering a three-month and annual prime subscription, but the monthly Rs 129 prime subscription plan is now live on the company‚Äôs site.

The RBI’s new order calls on banks to apply a one-time AFA for recurring transactions of up to Rs 5,000. AFA will be required for each payment for transactions above that cut-off. The new guidelines were first introduced in 2019 to prevent consumers from making unnecessary recurring payments on their cards. After several delays, the structure is finally effective from 1 October.

Amazon has published some terms on its page. Under these terms, to get Amazon Prime Video’s Rs 129 membership plan, you have to pay through banks that have adopted the Reserve Bank of India’s (RBI) e-binding guidelines. The term of this plan is one month.

Amazon Prime Video is available in three different subscription models. The first one is valid for one month and costs Rs 129. The second one is valid for 3 months and costs Rs 329. The third, on the other hand, has a 1-year term, priced at Rs 999.

Amazon Prime Video’s Rs 129 monthly plan can only be purchased with selected debit cards and credit cards. Customers of any or all banks who have not followed the RBI’s e-mandate guidelines will not be able to buy monthly plans. Because of rule A, Amazon had to close a one-month free trial for those who signed up for the first time.

Amazon Prime 129 rupees plan

The Rs 129 monthly plan includes unlimited streaming movies and TV shows, exclusive deals and offers for members only, ad-free 75 million songs and free in-game content. In addition, you’ll get unlimited 5 percent reward points and e-books, comics and more. All products will be free and fast delivery.

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